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It does not matter what type of holidays your celebrate, meat is always a staple meal unless you are a vegetarian. Yet every family and holiday is different in terms of what type of meat is served. Whether it is poultry or beef, the following are some of the most popular meat selections during various holidays for any family tradition.


Beef Tenderloin

With tenderloin, it cooks quickly and presents beautifully. Another positive of cooking beef tenderloin is that there is little to no waste and no fat or bones to work around. Some simple season with olive oil, salt and pepper then sear the entire roast on the grill with direct medium heat for a maximum of a half hour. Simple for any family holiday!


Prime Rib

This is the traditional cut, which fits with the theme of traditions with family. It is quite tender and looks great when placed on a large table. When cooking, use the basics of olive oil and salt and pepper but also feel free to throw some garlic in as well. Roast the prime rib over indirect medium heat for 13 minutes per pound.


Pork Roast

Pig is also an amazing meal to serve with a holiday. There are also a variety of different roasts to choose. The Crown Roast definitely has the most to offer when it comes to presentation but any variety will deliver the tenderness and flavor desired from a pork roast. It is highly suggested to use a Bavarian seasoning when cooking a pork roast on indirect medium heat. A five-pound bone-in roast will take around 1.75 hours.



Turkey can be prepared in a few different manners. It can be served to both a small or large crowd depending on the type of holiday. Butter and seasoning are completely personal preference to the individual cooking the bird. Many suggest putting the breast side down for the first half of the cooking process then flipping it to finish. Grill indirectly on low to medium heat for an unstuffed ten-pound turkey for around three hours.